Unspoken Biases

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving today with family and friends, I find myself thankful for many things.  Not just the usual food, roof over our heads, employment, family, friends, and yes, even our frienemies, but I give thanks to those individuals who have biases against those of us in multicultural families.  With focus being mostly on the LGBT communities this past couple of years. I’ve tried to keep things in perspective and not wanting to voice about the adamant racism our family has received during this time, but I believe interracial families often find themselves outside of the racial loop as if having to “sit on the fence” so as not to rock the boat.  Tell me where has racism been so ugly as what our family has been bombarded with?  Where maintenance workers get a tenant to stand outside your apartment door telling you about your service dog, how they will bring my whole family down because they have college degrees and that they know individuals who are part of the KuKluxKlan and if I stand up for myself as a disabled person that this individual along with their friends will send the KKK to kill each one of my adult children one by one.  Was also threatened with the KKK if I bought my own home and that it would be torched.  AIY Properties out of Cleveland, OH allows these types of racial intimidation to go on despite your speaking up.  Our family are good people, who work, go to school, and have other family members.  Why is it okay for a maintenance guy to give out our personal information to both black and white tenants?  Also, why was a previous tenant told to try to defraud our insurance company (State Farm)?  Why is my deceased Vietnam Veteran husband’s psychiatric record information released to someone where I live?  Then because I served honorably in the military these same individuals are allowed to lie on me as well?

Life may not be fair, but why aren’t these same men and women complaining about a veteran who works for the Louis Stokes VA hospital and served several years for supposedly raping a girl when he was young and this guy is allowed to be a Federal employee in their Domicilary?  These individuals harass disabled veterans, but are allowed to falsify information on some patients?  They sometimes allow doctors to say patients are Schizophrenic when they aren’t.  They did that to a Mr. Williams and his family fought it because he has two college degrees, served in the military, and retired from the Post Office. One nurse put the wrong eye stuff in his eyes and he lost some of his eyesight.

Just fed up with the extreme abuses on innocent individuals, but at the Cleveland VA they allow some staff to have relations with veterans despite them being married and work under the table for doctors who tell the veterans what to say so they can get their disability claims approved for payment.  My deceased Vietnam Veteran served two honorable tours with the Marine Corps, was exposed to Agent Orange and yet after 14 years he was still less than 10 percent service-connected.

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet when I speak up for the abuses I have suffered by the VA I can’t get all the help that my private doctors say I am entitled to.  It may not be the VA establishment itself that discriminates, but their employees who do not always know how to talk with compassion or understanding.  In the past, I had some very good providers through the VA system, but ALL veterans deserve respect.  I have never been trash and neither were my family in Illinois, but why doesn’t those who discriminate look at States out West, that allow legal brothels and prostitution?  One brothel helps pay their girl’s college tuition, so tell me why some VA professionals are discriminating against our family, none of whom have been prostitutes?  To me, those individuals who treat interracial families as if they are ugly and dogs, are the ones who need some serious mental health care.

Today is a new day and Thanksgiving Day turned out to be great thanks to my oldest daughter, her boyfriend, and that I cooked an additional turkey.  Food galore, almost fit for a king was to be had and eaten!  Yum, Yum, Yum.  Society calls today, the day after Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday – for many people are out and about shopping for great Christmas sale deals.  Our family members don’t do Black Friday very often.  Maybe because of the crowds; but usually it has more to do with the lack of extra funds to make the trip to various stores seem more depressing than happy.  It would be a wonderful day if and when our family could enjoy having extra, extra monies to splurge on others so we can witness the gleam of surprise in others’ eyes when they open their presents on Christmas.  Oh, I hope the extra monies would come in soon as it would seem more like a “real” fun Christmas for sure!

One thing I do not understand is that all of my adult children are somewhat selfish.  Being selfish is not a bad thing; but as their mother, I sense that their dad and his family did not help to instill in our children that they need to help watch out for their parents.  I had surgery on November 6th and it seems that Kassy and Patrick now drag their bodies to respond to my requests for help.  Kassy has been hiding for years from responsibilities to help out or at times.  She seems to want to take advantage of my monies; but when she has extra monies she would rather spend it on her nieces/nephews, sisters, and brother.  I hate it because I have done my best to love each of my adult children.  I believe Kassy resents her life despite having a Bachelors degree as a Mechanical Engineering Technician.  Hopefully, Kassy will update her resume as she has said she would and start applying for other jobs that would reward her with higher pay; but it seems her anxiety is getting in her way.

Family works better if they work together and I hate the barrenness that I feel within our immediate family.  There should be more standing up for each other and accountability; but Kenny’s family destroyed the love we all had for each other when Kenny was alive and the children much younger.  Kenny’s ex-wife, Catherine Delores (Jones) Oglesby Johnson of North Chicago, IL, made Kenny’s life hell or that is what he talked endlessly about.  I never went around reporting Kenny for anything; but she would call his bosses, lying on him to try to get him to lose his job.  For what?  So she wouldn’t get any type of child support and put him in jail?  Kenny’s niece, Kathy Oglesby Wilson, and some of his other relatives would lie to Catherine so they would find favor in her eyes.  Kenny did things while in the U.S. Marine Corps down south in the Carolinas, but Catherine thought it was funny to try to lie to say I was around him them; but I was just little kid in elementary school, so Catherine has been the “sick” minded one would has a deep seated revenge factor towards white people because of Kenny.

Catherine and her second husband, Percy Johnson of North Chicago, Il, didn’t go after Kenny in court for lying about his not having a gun.  I found out that the gun he acquired to threatened her and Percy with was gotten from someone he knew and his brother-in-law, Herb Handy helped Kenny get rid of it.  Why is it that a woman like Catherine who was taking tranquilizers, was allowed to do what she did to Kenny?  Kenny was wrong for what he did; but Kenny is the one who divorced Kenny.  Why did she hang onto Kenny if he was foot stomping her whenever she would be mentally/emotionally abusive towards him?  He was a Vietnam Veteran and perhaps she regretted marrying him; but why is it okay for someone with a teaching degree to be able to put our family down?  One of her own sons had a learning disabilty; but she wouldn’t want others to put him down.  LaRoi is kind and has his own little boy.

Our family knows that Catherine or one of her kids stole a copy of my DD-214 while it was in my suitcase during the time she was moving things out of Kenny’s house in North Chicago, IL.  I was told Catherine got her nephew or relative, Michael JOnes, of the Waukegan Police Dept at this time, to lie on me when both he and I were working at the Great Lakes Naval Base at the Personnel Support Detachment Bldg 122.  Kenny claimed that CAtherine knew my Supervisor, Alice Phelps of Zion, IL at that time, and that Catherine was telling Alice to harass me.  I filed discrimination claims; but ended up resigning due to the discrimination.

I’ve never dealt with drugs and have never been an alcholic; but Kenny said that Catherine was spreading lies about me to cover up the fact that he divorced her.  Why is it that a supposedly educated woman felt the need to destroy someone she never taught in school and never grew up with?  They claim that white people are prejudice; but black people can be just as vicious with their prejudice as white people can.  Instead of promoting peace and racial equality, there are some educated individuals who do not even know that I have a college education as well from reputable colleges and have been on the honor roll several times already.  I’ve never been developmentally disabled; but if I did obtain a diagnosis of being developmentally disabled, I could file a MUI report and have all of this investigated or at least the recent harassment our family has been experiencing while living in Ohio.

I was loved by my family of origin and was never an orphan.  It is believed that Kenny’s family got mad at Kenny and made up some kind of lie to Catherine claiming I was an orphan.  None of my family were mentally retarded and so I dislike individuals who feel the need to oppress or suppress others here in the United States.

Until later….It is now a few hours later in the afternoon of Black Friday.  I’m here watching GETTV; which is showing reruns of classic shows like Andy Williams and his brothers Christmas show, Merv Griffin’s show, Donny Osmond and the Osmond brothers on Andy William’s show amongst other Christmas shows.  I remember seeing some of these shows on T.V coming up in the 60’s and 70’s.  Those were good times and at times it causes misty remembrances of fond memories.  Life has seemed to fast forward to 45 years.  It is good to hear and see Bing Crosby reruns as well.  Oh, how, I love the classic shows and music!  Though oftentimes our family shared one television in the whole household and didn’t sit watching T.V. all day, I have fond remembrances of Aunt Catherine’s and Uncle Bob’s home when we were all sit at night listening to thse family shows together while the coal burning furnace was stoked with wood burning.

Sometimes I wish our family could have had plenty of monies to afford many things when I was growing up.  I’ve never been greedy; but I would have loved to have experienced so much more in life such as traveling various places than we did as a child coming up.  Perhaps I would have become a more interesting person; but I hope the Lord will allow me to have a better life soon.

If I am not given extra monies in this part of my life, then I pray the Lord would allow me to be able to help others without being put down for things my husband may have done in his life or whomever he angered.  Kenny felt guilty about what he did while married to Catherine and it wasn’t that I have ever felt guilty about what has happened in my life.  I just want to be more than I have done.  Not for my glory; but to let the Lord know how much I love and believe in him.  Maybe some others do not believe in God; but I do and do not want to die without having served HIM in a better and more loving way.  Not my will; but God’s will.

For all my haters and those who judged me without talking to me – Angelo Colarusso of Strongsville, Mary Sue Rodano, Beth Montgomery, Jennifer from the Strongsville Recreation Center, Rebecca Livingston and a couple of her family members, Mary Anne Taylor, Janice Maubach Taylor, Verne Taylor, Reed family, a couple drivers that I met while driving a semi-truck from 2005 to 2008 and they ended up being mentally/emotionally abusive, those in Kenny’s family who were biased and very judgemental despite their own family problems, Harlee Sullivan, Jr. and his family, Patricia Petkoff of the Cleveland VA hospital, Pat James-Stewart from the Cleveland VA hospital/VSO Domicilary office, Dr. Tina Brown – Psychologist of the Cleveland Clinic VA hospital whom my private doctors have stated helped ruin me at the VA hospital.

Maybe there are others who misjudged me and I don’t understand how or why when my current doctors say that these people wanted to ruin me.  How can you WANT to ruin a disabled veteran?  Is their lives that bad that in order to build themselves up that they must tear someone else down just because I married out of my race several years ago?  Life seems cruel in that respect.  There are all kinds of rich people who have done wrong in their lives and I haven’t been in any legal troubles, yet someone seems to want not allow me to work a regular job despite having a college degree and be able to do somethings.

My husband should have been rate more that 7% service-connected; but someone seemed to interfere.  I wish I could have been a singer or actress.  Or perhaps a Forensic specialist for the police department or FBI.  I think I could have also worked in the forensic department of the police department or FBI.